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The Best Amigo for your WordPress

Your WordPress deserves a reliable Amigo to accompany you in good times and bad times. Leave your WordPress website in the hands of your expert friends, the maintenance your WordPress deserves.

Actualizaciones sin procupaciones de Wordpress

Worry Free Updates

Let your Amigo deal with all the update hassles. We make sure your WordPress is always up and running with the latest, safest version because a good Amigo won't let you stay behind.

Monitoreo 24/7 del Wordpress

24/7 Monitoring

Your Amigo always accompanies you. We scan your WordPress constantly to identify intruders, malware and bullies of the internet.

Seguridad máxima de Wordpress

Bulletproof Security

Your Amigo has your back. We protect your site with a firewall and use the most advanced security measures to defend you. In case of any incident, we restore your site back to normal.

Respaldos diarios automaticos de Wordpress

Daily Backups

What happened last night? Don’t worry, your Amigo remembers. We make daily backups of your website and take care of restoring when necessary.

Soporte técnico de Wordpress

Trained Support

We all need an Amigo to talk to. Be it english, spanish, or technical jargon. Our support team is ready to help you.

Contrata WP Amigo


Not satisfied with our service? We return 100% of your investment with a 15 day money back guarantee.

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Why choose WP Amigo?

Some of the benefits of using our services

Years of Experience

We have years of experience that validate our work.

Peace & Tranquility

Do not worry about your WordPress. WP Amigo is here for you.

We Understand you.

We focus on providing quality support. We promise to be the best Amigo for your WordPress.